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access and recreation
Covers all aspects of access to open spaces and the countryside, and the use of land and other resources for recreation, including cultural, recreational and sporting activities and the use of leisure time. Also includes tourism.
agriculture forestry and fisheries
Includes economic and practical aspects of farming, forestry and fisheries, including sustainable land management methods.
biological sciences
Covers biology and related sciences, including a listing of named species, taxonomically arranged.
built environment
Covers man-made structures of any sort and their impact on the environment, including transport and infrastructure and development planning and control.
business management
The activities involved in running a corporate business. Applicable to public, private and voluntary organisations. Use for management functions for Natural England.
earth sciences, geography and physical sciences
Covers disciplines relating to the study of the earth, including geology, hydrology, climate and weather and soil science, as well as physical sciences.
education, training and interpretation
Covers all aspects of education, training and skills, including interpretation of the natural environment.
environmental impacts and controls
Covers over-arching issues relating to environmental impacts and degradation, including climate change, pollution and waste and measures taken to mitigate these, including sustainable development. See also [natural environment and landscape] for specific resources and nature conservation.
government and public affairs
Covers the structure and workings of the UK government, both central and local, government policy and public administration. Also includes international affairs and foreign relations, including the European Union.
historic environment
Covers the impact of the past on society, cultural traditions and the English landscape, and the conservation of this heritage.
information and communication
Methods of gathering, storing, managing and sharing knowledge and information.
legal matters, rights and legislation
Covers all matters relating to law, legislation and rights, including licensing, law enforcement and international agreements. For crime, see under [society and economics].
natural environment and landscape
Covers the availability, exploitation, conservation, protection and management of natural resources, including wildlife, land and water, as well as the description, maintenance and enhancement of the landscape. Spatial planning comes under [built environment].
research methods metrics and analysis
Groups methods of research, measurement strategies, data and evidence gathering and analytical techniques.
society and economics
Covers the social and economic structure of society, including communities, lifestyles, employment and health. Also covers human psychology and behaviour and people's interactions with the environment.
technology and innovation
Includes information and communications technology, engineering disciplines, biotechnology and innovation.
trade and industry
Includes domestic and international trade, business enterprise and industry sectors, finance and taxation.